N3T Case Study:


Transplace, formerly known as M33 Integrated, was established in 1998 as a Truckload Carrier Agency and over two decades has evolved into a full-service logistics provider. Driven by their customer demand, M33 developed one of the most innovative Transportation Management Software solutions on the market. Making the shift from a carrier service to a full board software company, the owners understood the vulnerabilities of not having a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

M33 brought in N3T’s PvDC Cloud Virtual Data Service for their data protection needs. Their customer’s dependency on uptime meant that M33 needed to be up in a matter of minutes (not days or weeks) in the event of a disaster.

What started as a routine Thursday quickly unraveled when the technology stack began failing. A disaster was declared and by using PvDC’s portal, the IT team failed 127 servers over in a matter of minutes. M33 was back up and running before most even realized there was an issue. In the ensuing weeks, attempts to bring the in-house technology stack back on-line proved to be futile and the decision was made to continue on PvDC’s production environment instead of making further investment in the existing infrastructure.

What would normally cost a business days of downtime, customer attrition, embarrassment, and revenue loss was mitigated into an outage of just a few minutes. “What could have been an unmitigated disaster for us became nothing more than a blip on the radar.” – Sammy Riddle, President and Co-Founder M33.