6 October 2015

Cloud vs. On Prem: The Advantages of the Cloud Pricing Model

6 October 2015,

The Cloud Pricing model.   Say good-bye to inflexible and locked-in compute environments and say hello to a customized, optimized, a la carte style environment […]

21 September 2015

Cloud vs. On Prem: The Disadvantages of the On Prem pricing model

21 September 2015,

We have finally arrived to where we have been working towards. The Apples to Oranges conversation around pricing models that so many of us […]

26 August 2015

Cloud vs. On Prem Cost Comparison: Finding Your Current Cost and the Pitfalls that Inhibit you from finding It

26 August 2015,

Moving to the cloud is all we hear these days and Sales Reps love to throw “cost savings” to the Powers That Be in […]