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Moving applications to the cloud can be complex, but upfront planning, useful migration tools, and experience can help simplify the process. Many factors must be considered when moving an application to the cloud: applications component, network stack, management, security, and orchestration.  Net3 professional services engage with customers to develop a Cloud Strategy.

Before applications are moved into PvDC, a comprehensive audit is conducted by Net3 Professional Services to:

Asses and analyze the business needs, assets (application, data), process, technology and risk associated and analyze the gaps. This creates a nice matrix of applications that can move to a cloud along with the right choice of cloud delivery Private (on premise, hosted externally) vs Hybrid based on Risk/Security.

Identify: Business and Technical Drivers

Business Drivers Technical Drivers
• Reduction of Costs • Meet End User SLA
• Better SLA • Optimize Usage of Resources
• Faster Service Creation • Move to IAAS
• New Revenue Model • Highly Manageable Environment

The cloud model has lots of benefits, but it still represents change and there are inevitable cultural issues that arise when you ask people to do things differently. To ensure the success of your new cloud model, Net3 takes the time to ease the transition to cloud computing by laying the groundwork and helping people to understand how much it can help their work.