PvDC Vault and EMC  join forces to offer a hybrid cloud data protection strategy for customers looking for Long Term Retention of backup data.

Leading companies use EMC’s Data Protection Solutions to simplify, accelerate and scale their backup and recovery environments.  PvDC Vault services are now offered to current EMC Data Protection Suite customers utilizing any combination of EMC Data Domain, Cloudboost, Networker or Avamar.
How it Works
EMC’s Data Protection Products enable On Premise Customer data protection workloads from Data Protection Suite to move deduplicated Long Term Retention (LTR) data to PvDC with three key value points:Flow-Diagram2

–  The data is deduplicated and compressed, minimizing resource consumption (network bandwidth and cloud capacity) and maximizing cost savings.

– The metadata stays local to the CloudBoost appliance. This means micro pruning and retrieval is simple and easy, saving bandwidth and storage utilization. It also greatly enhances security since encryption keys (part of metadata) are stored uniquely in the CloudBoost appliance behind the customer’s firewall.

– Since the metadata is local, DP Search indexes this data, so it can be searched as well.

The main trends driving customers to use PvDC Vault for Long Term Retention of Backup Data are:

• Customer desire to get out of the highly risky tape museum business, the costs of refreshing media and libraries when old versions become unreadable, and the desire to remove manual tape handling costs and risks
• The alternative of low cost and stable object storage combined with deduplication for LTR data – the perfect recipe for success.
• Higher performance (Low RTO) of PvDC Vault over Tape

How its Priced

Current owners of EMC Data Protection Suite or Data Domain can start using PvDC Vault for the incremental storage and bandwidth cost.

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