Accelerated Recovery for virtualized environments in the cloud



•Many options for protecting you data in the cloud
•PvDC Integrated DPS Partners for hybrid deployments
•Choose a DPS solution that fits your needs today



Many options for protecting your data in the cloud.

PvDC Data Protection Services (DPS) offers customers a wide array of choices with a focus on augmenting On Premise IT Core Services.  DPS has an economical solution that helps alleviate the financial burden of building, managing and supporting traditional data protection services for SMBs and Enterprises.

PvDC Data Protection Services are aimed at solving typical customer requirements such as:

  • •Disaster Recovery

  • •Data Archival & Availability

  • •Backup

  • •Business Continuity


Integrated Partners for Hybrid Deployments

By integrating key enterprise technology, companies with PvDC Cloud Services are now able to seamlessly extend Data Protection Services into the cloud.


Choose a DPS Solution that fits your needs TODAY

Backup as a Service –  On Premise managed backup solution for end users looking of focus on production

Disaster Recovery as a Service – Perfect for Actifio, Acronis or Veeam customers looking for an economical DR solution

Business Recovery Service – Aimed at customers with RTOs < 1 Hour