Most enterprises have a continuous need to replicate production data due to security, testing, analytics, or compliance demands. PvDC Vault is designed to solve these challenges by offering advanced on-premises data protection coupled with a replication target at a highly available Tier 3 or Tier 4 datacenter.

To accommodate the diverse storage and replication needs of modern enterprises, PvDC Vault customers have the option of leveraging multiple on premise solutions based on use case.

Designed to provide enterprises with a secure and highly available replication target, PvDC Vault is often a crucial addition to an enterprise data protection and replication strategy. Addressing growing storage and data replication requirements can often directly conflict with an IT team’s need to restrain capital expenditure costs (CapEx). PvDC Vault’s pay-as-you-go model can allow enterprises to harness this service as an OpEx expenditure in lieu of CapEx increases, while benefiting from a dependable, scalable storage and data replication solution.

PvDC® Vault Features and Benefits:

• Customer access to data via PvDC Self Service Portal
• Can be combined with PvDC On Demand for full DRaaS
• Cutting-edge, modernized storage technologies
• OpEx model for off-site replication
• No upfront investments for equipment or CapEx
• Can reduce the need to manage multiple appliances at different locations
• 24/7/365 support
• Increase or reduce capacity based on data growth
• Visibility into capacity, consumption, and resource configuration to optimize use and availability
• Storage infrastructure management
• Storage consolidation and virtualization

PvDC Vault On Premise Partners:

  • Tintri – Utilizing ReplicateVM™ to extend application-aware storage to the cloud
  • Zerto – Provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery to the cloud
  • Actifio – Provides Copy Data Virtualization
  • Ctera – Enterprise Data Service Platform that combines PvDC storage with on-premise appliances for data protection and collaboration