Your business’ sensitive applications and data have to be protected in a secure and reliable manner.

Backups have traditionally been an enormous headache due to their complexity and strain they put on the network.  Net3’s PvDC Backup as a Service gives your IT team an incredible powerful yet simple way to remove the pain associated with backups.


•Secure – encryption on the fly and at rest.

•Scalable – your backup services can change as quickly as your business needs change

•Reliable – recover their IT resources efficiently and effectively when an adverse situation strikes

•Affordable – with a consumption based model

•Easy Restorations – Quickly rehydrate backups using PvDC production services


Hybrid Solution:

Our hybrid solution is an agnostic approach to backups using technologies like Acronis, Actifio, and VEEAM to name a few.  This affordable solution gives you the peace of mind that your backups are happening and that you can recover your data and applications in our Virtual Data Center.  Besides, what good are backups if you can’t recover from them getting your business back online?

This highly available and affordable service scales as your business grows.  Deduplication and Compression technologies assist in keeping your data footprint and costs as small as possible.  You remain in control of your data and your retention schedules.

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