16 March 2016
16 March 2016,

With Cloud ValetTM, Customers can now slash cloud costs through this easy to use tool.

GREENVILLE, S.C. – March 16, 2016Net3 Technology, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based managed services and data center platforms, giving customers individualized assessments to ensure companies are provided with the most effective solution, today announced its release of its Cloud ValetTM, a single-purpose SaaS tool within the PvDC Management Portal that enables users to automatically schedule on/off times for their virtual servers.  Cloud ValetTM is an invaluable tool for development projects or temporary workloads and helps ensure that unattended resources are not left running, resulting in unnecessary charges.  A free tool for all N3T customers, Cloud ValetTM allows businesses to verifiably reduce cloud computing costs by paying only for the resources that are actually used when needed.

“Our clients have been using on-demand resources in PvDC for some time now for development, DR, and testing.  Its great to be able to spin a new environment at a moments notice but keeping cost in line always depended on a department or person to shut down the services they had spun up.  People just simply forget to check behind themselves and sadly it costs money to keep services on you are not using.  It’s really no different than when kids leave the lights or a faucet on at the house, all day, while the family is gone.  The Cloud ValetTM scheduler has been a welcome tool to the on-demand resources used in PvDC.  Being able to create schedules on the fly that shuts down servers and resources is a budgetary lifesaver.  Simply create the variety of schedules you need, drag the virtual machines you want the schedule applied into the pool and in return, no more paying for resources that are not being used by your employees.” – Hudson Denney, founding partner and President of N3T.

“Cloud Valet has changed the way we consume our on-demand cloud development resources forever.” Said Elisabeth Self, Controller with Human Technologies, Inc.  “Automated scheduling has cut our spend in almost half.”

Key Cloud ValetTM Features include:

•Scheduling groups of virtual servers – even linking back to turn on/off

•Temporarily suspending the action of a parking schedule

•Scheduling virtual servers on a common schedule – even across data centers

•Set precedence for server startup order

•Set delays in server startup timing – For example: allowing plenty of time of time to come online before other servers

About PvDC – Palmetto Virtual Data Center

Palmetto Virtual Data Center (PvDC) is one of the most advanced data center platforms available.  It enables companies to reallocate resources to a hybrid or private cloud via a unified platform that ensures performance, scalability, and security at a reduced cost to most solutions on the market.  Unlike larger data center suppliers that rely on commodity hardware, PvDC was built with scalability, flexibility, and ease of use in mind.  Customers also have the ability to provision and control their own environments or to allow Net3 to manage them.

About Net3 Technology, Inc.

Net3 Technology, Inc. is a technology consultancy that provides cloud-based managed services, providing its customers with best in class IT solutions that are effective and cost efficient.  The company is known for providing customers with big business support and services with a white glove, personalized approach, and ensuring every client gets the service and solutions that best fit its IT infrastructure needs. Net3 is based in Greenville, S.C. and services major organizations across the Southeastern United States, in industries including education, professional services, manufacturing and government. For more information, please visit our website: https://www.n3t.com/.

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