10 October 2016,

 Here is what’s NEW…



Net3 is proud to announce a 3rd data center location in SuperNAP8.

Switch is the world’s only Tier IV Gold data center







Located in Nevada, here are some of the data center’s superior advantages:

• Lowest disaster rating int he western United States

• 24/7 onsite NOC, fire safety and security staff

• Less expensive bandwidth and unlimited growth

• Tri-redundant power systems allows no concern for power, cooling, connectivity or space



Spot Pricing is now available! Because we are expanding, we have additional capacity that allows for spot pricing for a 3-6 month project committment.  Contact your account manager for details.


Extended Journal Capabilities Reduce Backup Constraints and Storage Costs   For businesses that require longer retention of data, Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 provides point-in-time recovery from the Journal that extends up to 30 days – extended from the previous 14 day setting.  This expands recovery of any file systems object from any point up to one month in the past to remove the impact of data loss from using infrequent backup solution.


Did you know?


• Net3 Technology was nominated as an Innovision Finalist for small enterprise business

• Net3 is recognized as GIG+ Innovator by Charter Spectrum

• Net3 was a proud sponsor of Euphoria Downtown Greenville last month

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