Where is your data today?

Where does your business need it tomorrow?

It’s all about choice.



PvDC Cloud Manage breaks down the barriers between public cloud service providers and gives customers the ability to mesh products from multiple providers under one umbrella.
The Issue…

The current ecosystem of Public Cloud providers are siloed entities when it comes to delivering technology services.  They don’t play well together and create “lock-in” with proprietary systems and services.  Often times you will find yourself stuck on a platform regardless of the fit for your business and outbound migrations are nearly impossible and very costly.  If you wanted to connect to multiple Public Clouds you would also need the connectivity and the networking to make it happen.

What PvDC Cloud Manage Solves…

By first solving the issues of connectivity and data transformation, PvDC Cloud Manage provides customers with the tools that merge the best of breed services among multiple providers.

Key Features:
  • • 10 GB Connectivity between PvDC and providers such as Google and AWS
  • • Visibility and Control of workloads running among disparate providers in a Single Pane of Glass.
  • • Transformation tools for taking Native born applications in Amazon and moving them to other providers
  • • Use the power of Cloud ValetTM to control cost of services running within other Pubic Service Providers
Key Benefits:
  • • Flexibility to take advantage of opportunity pricing in the public cloud market
  • • Best of Breed services among all providers under one umbrella
  • • Avoid “lock-in” due to proprietary platforms
  • • Avoid “cloud sprawl” and increase visibility
  • • Utilize Cloud ValetTM  – a single-purpose SaaS tool within the PvDC Management Portal that enables users to automatically schedule on/off times for their idle virtual servers and reduce overall cloud costs.