21 October 2016

DR: Just another bill or is it something more?

21 October 2016,

Definition: Insurance – the act of insuring, or assuring, against loss or damage by a contingent event. (Webster Dictionary) We’re all used to buying […]

16 March 2016

Net3 Technology’s PvDC adds Cloud ValetTM to enhance DevOps teams nationwide

16 March 2016,

With Cloud ValetTM, Customers can now slash cloud costs through this easy to use tool. GREENVILLE, S.C. – March 16, 2016 – Net3 Technology, […]

15 September 2015

Cloud vs. On Prem: Determining the value of applications to your business; AKA Application/Business Value Relationship

15 September 2015,

We are continuing to lay the proper groundwork for determining a meaningful cost comparison between the cloud and your On Premise resources. We last […]

26 August 2015

Cloud vs. On Prem Cost Comparison: Finding Your Current Cost and the Pitfalls that Inhibit you from finding It

26 August 2015,

Moving to the cloud is all we hear these days and Sales Reps love to throw “cost savings” to the Powers That Be in […]

11 August 2015

Cloud vs. on Prem: Laying the Groundwork for a meaningful cost comparison

11 August 2015,

Introduction: It feels like everyday we see one statistic after another about how many businesses are migrating to the cloud, or strategizing to migrate […]