13 January 2014

Yahoo struggles under weight of long email outage

13 January 2014,

Computerworld – As Yahoo goes into another day of an long email outage, angry users are venting their frustrations on social networks. At least one […]

8 January 2014

Netflix cloud architect to share his wisdom

8 January 2014,

One of the most prominent cloud-computing architects around, Adrian Cockcroft, has left Netflix and joined venture-capital firm Battery Ventures. In Cockcroft’s new post, he will […]

7 January 2014

Five myths to dispel about cloud computing

7 January 2014,

Cloud computing has crossed the threshold from a technology issue to a matter of political and cultural debate. It is at the center of […]

2 January 2014

Government Sector will Invest $18.48 Billion by 2018 in Cloud Computing

2 January 2014,

Cloud computing services are increasingly moving into the future in the government sector. However, the adaptation is slow due to security, privacy and regulatory […]